Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

As people with human families who love to come together for Thanksgiving, sometimes we forget that our dogs may not be as thrilled about having a house full of people they don’t know very well.  Our routines change, there are people coming and going, there is food and drink all over the house, etc. etc.  And, of course, our dogs are opportunists and will help themselves to any unattended food or drink that they can get ahold of.  Some of your guests may not be used to having dogs around and don’t really think about leaving their food and drinks where dogs can get to them.  They probably don’t realize that some of the foods that we love so much for Thanksgiving can really make our dogs sick or worse, be fatal.

There a couple of different options you have while your house is full of guests:

  1.  Print the attached infographic and point it out to your guests;
  2. Gather everyone together and tell them specifically which foods they are not allowed to share with your fur babies;
  3. Put your fur babies in a bedroom that no one will mistakenly open and let them out;
  4. Remind your guests not to leave their food and drinks laying around where the dogs can reach them.


Another thing to keep in mind is that even though a food might be acceptable to feed your dog, you may not want your guests giving your dogs their food because it encourages begging AND the food may have too many spices and fat and still make your dog sick.


8 Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Kill your Dog

Let’s keep those furry babies safe this Thanksgiving!  No one wants to spend Thanksgiving Day or the day after at the emergency vet clinic with a sick pet.
Print out the infographic, created by, and post it where you and your guests can see it.  Click here for a printable pdf:   Thanksgiving Day Foods Not Ok For Dogs
Point it out to them so everyone knows what is and what is not ok to feed to your pets.  We all want to share with our pets, but not if it is going to hurt them or make them sick.
And most of all, Happy Thanksgiving!!


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