Day 6 – Green Beans

I have been eating well this week because I am trying to feed my dogs better!  I steamed some green beans, heated up the leftover butternut squash and baked some chicken for my dinner.  The dogs got to try out the green beans.

You can use frozen, canned (no salt added), raw or fresh green beans for your dogs.  I don’t care for the canned kind because they are usually so high in sodium.  I prefer fresh or frozen.  And steaming them is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to cook them.

After the beans were done steaming, I took some out and set them aside for the dogs to cool down.  Then I added butter to them for my dinner. (YUM)

I put about 7 or 8 pieces in each of the big dog’s bowls and about 4 pieces in little Roscoe’s.

Peanut and Loki loved the beans in their food.  They ate them up with the rest of their food.  Roscoe, on the other hand, wasn’t real sure about them.  He carefully removed them and placed them next to his food bowl and then ate them afterwards.

Prince was less than thrilled with them.  He ate all his food and pushed them to the side of the bowl.

But Loki was more than happy to help Prince out with his leftover beans!

Benefits of green beans:  green beans are a great source of protein, iron, calcium, and vitamins B6, A, C and K.  They are full of fiber and are low in calories.

I hope you are trying new foods with your dog.  Are you figuring out what they do and don’t like?  I would love to hear how things are going.



3 comments on “Day 6 – Green Beans”
    1. Honestly, why wouldn’t I? They are a great addition to a dog’s food. Thanks for the feedback!


  1. very interesting topic, outstanding post.


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