Day 7 – Kefir

I like to have kefir smoothies for breakfast each morning.  On the last morning I always end up not having enough to make a whole one.  Then I have about 3/4 cup of kefir I don’t know what to do with.  Today, I figured it out!  It’s good for the dogs too.  I will share the remnant with them!

I put 1 tablespoon in each of the big dog’s bowl and 1 teaspoon in the little guy’s.

They were pretty excited about this.  They didn’t hesitate a bit to eat this stuff.  I think I found a winner!

Benefits of kefir:  it is packed with probiotics.  If your dog is lactose-intolerant, then you will not want to give your dog this.  But, if your dog is taking antibiotics it is a great addition to their food.  Antibiotics destroy the good and bad gut bacteria alike and kefir will help to rebuild the good ones.

Tonight’s addition was super easy and helps me not to waste money and food.  Again, Winner!


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