Day 14 – Pumpkin

I made some chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes for breakfast this morning and thought I would share the pumpkin with the dogs as my food addition today.


Pumpkin is good for your dog’s digestive health.  If they are having any kind of stomach upset, this is a great addition to their food.  That being said, if your dog is not having any stomach upset, you don’t want to overdo this addition or it may have unintended consequences.  Also, dogs don’t need all the spices that we like to add to pumpkin stuff.  Just a simple tablespoon of pure mashed pumpkin is all they need.



There are so many healthy human foods that can be added to your dog’s kibble.  Remember, you want to choose a highly nutritious, low carbohydrate kibble and then adding simple human foods can really boost the healthy benefits of your dog’s food.  Have you tried any of the additions I have listed?  How’s it going?


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