Day 16 – Water

Water is a terrific addition to your dog’s kibble!  The reason being that dry kibble is so, well, dry.  When a dog eats dry kibble, the saliva and the nuggets form a paste that sticks to their teeth, which over time builds up and causes problems with teeth and gums.  If you add water to the kibble, it helps to moisten it and then there is no paste to get stuck.  No paste means no build-up of yucky tartar and plaque on their teeth, which means their teeth stay healthier.

Besides the teeth cleaning benefits, water added to their kibble helps me to make sure they are getting enough water during the day.  It also helps to break down the kibble which helps with digesting the food.  Roscoe tends to inhale his food and the water helps to make him slow down while he is eating.

I add water to my dog’s kibble every day.  I heat it up in the winter and add cold water in the summer.  I add enough to cover the kibble.   If I don’t have time or the inclination to add other foods, I always add the water and coconut oil to their food.

Is there anything that you “always” add to your dog’s food?  Tell me about it.


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