Day 19 – Chicken, Spinach & Carrots

I am such a bad dog mom!  Or am I??

I forgot to stop and pick up dog food on my way home from work tonight so I improvised.  I still had that rotisserie chicken, carrots and spinach from other days.  I picked all the chicken off the bones and threw the bones and skin away.  I put a couple of carrots in the food processor and pulsed them until they were tiny little chunks, then I threw in some spinach and pulsed it a few more times until I had this:

I didn’t worry too much about the meal being super balanced since I won’t be feeding them this every day.  If I were going to make their meals every day, I would measure everything carefully and be sure to have everything they needed.  It is not a big deal for a meal here or there to not be completely and totally balanced.  I will tackle that later.

For now, I have 4 very happy dogs!  In addition to the chicken mixture, I also added the usual coconut oil and water.

Have you ever made a homemade meal for your dog?  What did you add?  Did they like it?



One comment on “Day 19 – Chicken, Spinach & Carrots”
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