Day 25 – Chicken Gizzards

My guys were thinking they were in heaven tonight.  I boiled up a batch of chicken gizzards that I picked up at the store the other day for $1.79!!  I diced them up, divided them up into 1/2 cup batches and froze them for use later.  I divided up the 1/2 cup portion between 2 little guys and 3 big guys.  The 2 little guys weigh under 10 pounds each and got about 1.5 teaspoon each and the big guys range from 35 pounds to 80 pounds and probably got about 2 tablespoons each.

Gizzards are high in protein and contain iron, minerals and vitamins C, E and B.  They also contain glucosamine.  They need to be fed in moderation as they are also high in cholesterol.

Have you tried any kind of organs with your dogs?  Did they like them?


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