Day 29 – Chicken Liver

I have to admit, I have had a little trouble finding the last few items to add to the dog’s food in order to complete my challenge.

Today’s addition is chicken liver.  I found it in the freezer section of the meat department at City Market.  I boiled the whole package in water for about 25 minutes and then I divided it up into smaller portions to freeze.

Liver is a great source of vitamin A, several of the B vitamins, iron, trace minerals and COQ10.  It is a great source of protein too.  Liver is one of those foods that is great for you, but you want to start out slowly with your dog because too much can cause stomach upset.  You also don’t want to overdo it because you can overdose your dog on Vitamin A.

Have you given your dog liver lately?  How did they like it?  My guys practically inhaled what I gave them and are looking pretty happy about it right now.  LOL.



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