What Now?

The year started out strong and I really enjoyed seeing the comments from everyone about the 30 Day Human Food Challenge!!  But, now what?

I would love to hear the topics that you would like to dive into a little deeper concerning your pets.

Whether it’s training, living with them, dressing them up, traveling with them, etc.  You tell me what you want to talk about when it comes to your pets.

What are your frustrations with your pets?

What are the joys you experience with your pets?

What behaviors are confounding to you?

Let’s talk!




3 comments on “What Now?”
  1. Vinny Grette says:

    Fish should get way more likes. It’s brain food! I’m always looking for recipes because I like to eat it at least once a week. Thanks for yours. – I have one up now too – https://cookupastory.wordpress.com/2019/02/05/burns-smoked-salmon-chowder/


    1. That’s awesome!! I think that fish may get a bad rap because it can have a build-up of bad stuff in it, or at least that is what I was seeing in the articles I found about fish. That’s why I went with Sardines as an addition for the dogs – because they don’t have time to build up the toxins in them. I will definitely check out your recipe!!Thanks!!


  2. some really interesting information, well written and loosely user friendly.


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