Meal Prepping That Dogs Benefit From Too

Guess what I spent my weekend doing!  That’s right, cooking and canning and dehydrating!

Megan and I have been giving weekend meal prep a try for our lunches.  It’s been working out pretty well.  If we don’t eat the prepared meals for lunch, then we have them for dinner instead.

I picked up a dehydrator over the week that I wanted to give a try.  The dogs definitely benefited from that!  They got homemade dehydrated salmon treats!!  I had some older salmon in the freezer and decided to dehydrate it as dog treats!  They, of course, love them.  I was not so happy about the smell.  Shewwwwy!  I will make those outside in the future.

I decided that I would make a batch of chicken broth for our meals to combat the fishy smell permeating throughout the entire house.  So I threw a whole chicken, some carrots & celery and various other ingredients into a giant pot and cooked it for several hours.  Then I strained everything, cooled the chicken and removed all the meat from the bones.  I put the broth in the fridge overnight so I could skim the fat off.  I put the bones from the chicken carcass in a crockpot and covered those with water and cooked them overnight with a little bit of apple cider vinegar for bone broth for the dogs.  No waste there.  I also put together a batch of turmeric paste and tested out the silicone molds I got last week.  That was Saturday!

Sunday I took the bone broth for the dogs out of the crockpot and let it cool.  I browned some stew beef and started a pot of minestrone in the big crockpot for our lunches this week and let that cook all day.  Then I started canning all the chicken broth and bone broth in my pressure cooker.  I made our other lunch, turkey pinwheels and veggies.  I used the chicken meat from the whole chicken to make Hawaiian chicken for our other lunch.  Once the minestrone was done I threw that into some jars and canned them in the pressure cooker, just in case we didn’t get around to eating those over the week.

So what did I end up with, you ask?

  • Salmon Treats for the dogs
  • Turmeric Bombs for Peanut
  • 6-8oz jars of Bone broth for the dogs
  • 6-pint jars of Minestrone for Megan & I
  • 12-pint jars of chicken broth for Megan & I
  • 4 – 2-cup containers with Hawaiian Chicken, Zucchini noodles & pineapple
  • 4 – 2-cup containers with turkey, cheese, spinach pinwheels with grapes, carrots & cucumbers


Have you ever tried meal prepping?  How did it go?  Do you have any favorite recipes that you like to use?  Tell me about in the comments.


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