Puppy Season and Help With Training

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It’s puppy season!! 

Well, pretty much any time of the year is puppy season, but it seems like Spring is a time of year when people get more puppies.  I realize that many people don’t have any idea how to raise a puppy.   So I went to my little library of training books to see if I could recommend any good books to help out.  I was also reminded that training is a never-ending journey and that it never hurts to take a little refresher course.  I also realize that training classes can be very expensive and it’s hard to work them into our busy schedules.  A paperback book that is only $16.95 (plus S & H) and can be referred back to over and over again seems to be a workable solution.  Or the e-book is only $9.95.

The book I pulled out was “The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog” by Terry Ryan.  It’s a great little book (only 148 pages) written by a trainer that I really look up to because she has years of experience and truly loves dogs!  It is also a training manual for pet dogs, not show dogs.  It is written for the “everyday dog owner”.

She reminds us that dogs are not humans and that they do not think like we do and she explains clearly what matters to them.  She also reminds us that what we think we are training our dogs to do isn’t necessarily what they are learning.  She makes sure to give clear and simple instructions on how to teach your dog what you want them to learn.

She walks you through all the steps to figuring out what makes your dog motivated to learn and perform for you.  She also teaches you how to use those motivators the proper way.

She shows you how to build a solid foundation and relationship with your dog and how to build on that foundation to create a terrific dog for your family.

She also has a chapter on how to troubleshoot problems or issues that may creep in.  She shows you how to ask the right questions to determine why the behavior has started and then how to fix or manage the problem.

The Table of Contents includes an Introduction and the following chapters:

  1. The Raw Material
  2. The Drawing Board
  3. Building Supplies
  4. The Foundation
  5. Framework
  6. The Main Floor
  7. The Second Floor
  8. Remodeling

If you are interested in purchasing the book, click on the image below:

Paperback Book








Having been a trainer in a past life, I am curious about questions you might have as a dog parent.  It is very difficult to diagnose and offer help without actually seeing the dog and their behavior, but I can certainly answer general questions you might have.  I look forward to hearing from you.




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