Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!

Today, April 30th, is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day!

In our area we have 3 shelters:

  1. Rifle Animal Shelter, located at 569 Co Rd 265, Rifle, CO 81650.  Their website is
  2. Colorado Animal Rescue, located at 2801 Co Rd 114, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601.  Their website is .
  3. Aspen Animal Shelter, located at 101 Animal Shelter Rd, Aspen, CO 81611.  Their website is


There are so many wonderful pets that can be adopted from shelters.  For some reason, people have the misconception that shelter pets are somehow flawed or broken.  This is definitely not the case with MOST of the pets you find there.  If anything, the people that leave them there are flawed and broken.

Adopting a pet is a huge responsibility and a lifetime commitment, so I don’t want you to run out to your local shelter and adopt without doing your research and talking it over with your family.  Once you have decided on what you want and who is going to be giving the new pet care, then run out to your local shelter and adopt!

And, if you do decide to adopt and bring home a new dog, something you need to keep in mind is your expectations for your new pet.  You may or may not have their history, their story.  You may or may not know what their background is in terms of what kind of and how much training they have had.  The best game plan when bringing a new pet into your home is to assume that they know nothing.  Treat them as if they are a new puppy that hasn’t been taught anything at all.  Dogs, especially, do not generalize well.  What that means is they may have known what the rules were in their old home, but they have no idea what the rules are in their new home.  From the very beginning of their new life with you, you will want to lay the groundwork for how you want them to live in their new home.  The book I shared yesterday in the post about puppies would be a great tool to use if you need some training guidance.  You can read the post by clicking here.

So tell us your story if you have adopted a pet from a shelter!  Was it good, bad, incredible?  What made you decide on the pet you chose?

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