About Us

Megan and Prince



I just wanted to introduce myself to you and tell you a little bit about me.

I love pets of all shapes and sizes.  And I love my job!

I have always had pets in my life.  Cats, dogs, horses, guinea pigs, and rabbits – just to name a few.  I was always the one that my family turned to when there was a stray cat that needed to be tamed.  I entered into the 4-H program at a very early age and expanded my love from cats & dogs to horses & rabbits.  And even had a guinea pig name Max mixed in there too.

Along with my love of animals, I also learned great organizing skills through the local 4-H program – organizing stuff and organizing & prioritizing time and commitments were just some of the skills I learned.

When you put those two skill sets together, you come out with a responsible, reliable and caring pet sitter!


I adopted Prince from Collbran, Colorado in 2015.  He had been in 2 different homes at that point.  Both of his previous owners had been very abusive towards him and we had to work through many, many issues in order to create the amazing dog you meet today.

He was afraid of everything.  He was aggressive towards men.  He couldn’t be trusted to be off leash, but he was very leash aggressive.  Not everything was bad though.  He was so smart and so good with other dogs.  He had a knack for knowing exactly what another dog needed and he is a great partner to me in my business.

Now he is a great dog! He has his quirks still:

  • He can be trusted to hang out at the park while I play volleyball.
  • If I don’t acknowledge someone walking down the path, he decides that they need to be barked at.  If I nod and say hello, he’s cool with them.
  • He still doesn’t like to be surprised and will give the person a thorough barking at for that.
  • If I enthusiastically say hello to someone on the phone, he feels the need to chime in too.

Silly things like that.

But it does go to show you that plenty of patience and hard work go into the making of an excellent dog.

Maybe you will get to meet him if I care for any of your pets.

Loki and Terri



I guess you could say I am Megan’s assistant.  Actually, I am Megan’s Mom.  I take care of Megan’s social media, emails, and bookkeeping.  She is so busy taking care of everybody’s pets, she doesn’t have time to do the rest of it, so I volunteered to help her out!  I love this stuff.  I love talking to people and sharing stories.

I used to be a dog trainer.  Funny story:  When Megan started riding horses with the 4-H program, I volunteered to start a Dog Project and decided to go through a certification program to become a professional dog trainer.  I taught the kids how to train their dogs, we put on a dog show, and we visited nursing homes with the dogs.  I started teaching other people to work with their dogs professionally after that.  When we moved to Colorado, I trained here for a few years as well.  Then I had to get a real job and haven’t had much time for training (sad face). I don’t get the opportunity to work with dogs and their people much anymore, so I love being able to share my knowledge and love for animals with all of you!  Maybe if we get busy enough, I will start pet sitting full-time too!