Face Mask Tutorial & Pattern

Hi Everyone!!

I cannot believe the response I got from seeing if anyone needs any help!!  I am overwhelmed with everyone’s generosity!!

Below is the video that I am using to create face masks.  It was made by Joann’s Fabrics and is an easy quick way to get them done.


Click here for a downloadable pdf of the paper pattern she describes in the video – to save you time having to do that.  Face Mask Pattern

If you don’t have a printer, the measurements are on the pattern as well.  If you have an old cereal box, that would be a sturdier pattern material that can be used over and over again.  I created the pattern for my cricut machine and printed then cut the pattern out of cardstock.  I may use the cereal box idea as well.

I am working on another pattern that has an adjustable nose piece using pipe cleaners and ties.  As soon as I have that one created, I will share here as well.

I have been having trouble getting my hands on some elastic too, so I found another video that walks you through how to make double-fold bias tape to use for tying the masks on instead of elastic bands.  You would want to make 2-36″ strips to sew on to each side of the mask.

NOTE:  I was having a horrible time lining up the two ends of the 2″ pieces and getting them to form a straight line, so I put two marks on my table that are 3/4″ apart.  The edge of one piece goes on one mark and the edge of the other piece goes on the other mark.  It made the whole process move along a lot faster!!

Thank you so much for helping to keep our healthcare workers safe!!  Right now we need 200 for Mountain Valley Development Services.  But I have requests from some other places as well.  Just Facebook message me when you have some ready to go and we will make arrangements.